‘Our kids are alright’ stresses councillor

Ally Hunter
Ally Hunter

LEVENMOUTH’S youngsters are being unfairly tarred as rowdy and disruptive according to a local councillor.

Speaking at Wednesday’s committee meeting of local councillors in Carberry House, Leven, Councillor Alistair Hunter hit out at the perception that the area’s anti-social behaviour problems were, in the main, caused by youngsters.

Cllr Hunter was responding to a section of the regular Fife police report which detailed how 50 per cent of the 66 charges committed by people aged 16-17 in October were actually carried out by two individuals.

This was added to a claim that just seven offences were carried out during the month by youngsters aged eight -15 years – the lowest recorded in three years.

Cllr Hunter said: “These are excellent figures and I hope that we can now move away from this idea that anti-social behaviour is caused by young people.

“We keep reading about young people and anti-social behaviour in the same sentence, but these figures show that that’s not the case.

“Young people play a huge part in our communities and are not a problem.”

As well as the figures relating to young people, the police report, presented by the area’s new chief inspector, Graeme Kinmond, detailed other significant matters which the local force has been involved in over the past month.

These included the arrest of a man in Kennoway for attempted murder after it was alleged that he doused his partner in petrol and threatened to set her alight.

On October 15 officers had to deal with two separate and unconnected stabbings in Methil, one in Simon Crescent and the other on Cowley Street.

“The two stabbings happened back-to-back, “ Chief Inspector Kinmond told councillors.

“It was quite a significant day.

“The victim in the first incident (Simon Crescent) is recovering well and two people have been charged.

“In the second incident, three people have been charged.

“Overall our number of serious incidents has tailed off dramatically.”