Our roof has been leaking - for four years!

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residents in flats in Kirkcaldy say they are sick fed up of a roof in their block which has leaked for four years!

One woman in the block at 14 Smeaton Gardens said she had moved in to the block of four flats four years ago and had constantly reported the problem.

She hit out: “The entrance hallway roof leaks and the first floor landing is constantly covered in damp and wet. The Council says it will send someone out, but nothing is ever done.

“It is obviously a lot worse in the winter months and because it was so wet, when the recent cold weather arrived it iced over.

‘‘One of my neighbours came out, slipped and fell and badly hurt her elbow.

Getting nowhere

“I keep phoning the Council, but I just seem to be getting nowhere. We are all just really fed up with the whole thing.

“At the moment it is just in the close, but I am worried with it being constantly damp that it will spread into the house.

“With the recent thaw there was water running down the stairs.’’

Robert Young, a housing repairs officer with Fife Council, said: “There have been issues with the roof in Smeaton Gardens in the past, but these have always been resolved with temporary repairs. A full roof replacement is scheduled for February.

“We’ve made several visits to the address recently and have covered the roof as a precautionary measure.

“Unfortunately, the process has been complicated as we needed consent from an owner-occupier in the block, and access has been difficult due to the weather.”