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0111019 SSFF stock bnq 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - Old B & Q building on the Prom
0111019 SSFF stock bnq 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - Old B & Q building on the Prom
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CONCERN has been expressed that a land deal could hold up the Invertiel regeneration project.

Leading politicians in the town have spoken of their worries over speculation that land which would form part of the entrance to the new Morrisons supermarket in Kirkcaldy has been sold to a third party.

And that could force the retail giant back to the drawing board and start the planning process all over again.

Invertiel Developments Ltd, the company behind the development plans for Invertiel, says it is still working to deliver the new store as soon as possible.

News that a piece of land giving access to the site earmarked for the supermarket and a


possible hovercraft terminal was believed to have been offered to Tesco was announced at a meeting of the Kirkcaldy West Community Council last week.

David Torrance, Kirkcaldy MSP said it was his understanding that a ‘right to buy’ agreement had been reached between Tesco and the landowner, a Kirkcaldy businessman who owns the Invertiel land which is currently home to a secd-hand car garage.

“If what they are saying is true that Tesco has made an offer to purchase that land, then I believe they are just doing it to stop the redevelopment of that area or to put pressure on the developer to sell out to them,” he said.

Councillor George Kay, who represents Kirkcaldy west on Fife Council, said he was horrified at the prospect.

“It is my understanding that negotiations are at an advanced stage to purchase this land which would frustrate the development of the Morrisons supermarket on the site. I equally understand that the developer is working with Fife Council to see how these frustrations could be obviated.

“However this would necessarily mean a return to the committee cycle as it would be a substantial change to what has already been passed by planning.

“I bitterly regret that anyone should try to obstruct the will of Fife’s councillors as expressed at a full council meeting. As I have said in the past, I do feel that the development of Invertiel is about so much more than just a supermarket, it is about the regeneration of the commercial area – hopefully leading to the building of a community.”

Joe Noble of Invertiel Developments Ltd, said: “We are entirely focused on delivery of the planning consent for the proposed Morrisons foodstore within the confines of our land holdings at Invertiel.

“We have been made aware of recent speculation regarding adjacent land, but we do not know anything more than this at the present time.

“The regeneration of Invertiel is vitally important to the future of Kirkcaldy and therefore we are sure that all parties will work together through the Invertiel Forum in the spirit of partnership and co-operation to deliver the much needed investment and jobs which the residents of the town wish to see delivered at this location.”

At the time of going to press neither Tesco nor the landowner had responded to the Press.