Our X Factor hopefuls are booted out early

Colin Malcom
Colin Malcom

WHAT a difference a year makes.

This time 12 months ago, the whole of Scotland, never mind just Fife, was eagerly waiting to hear how Buckhaven’s Jade Richards would perform at the judge’s houses stage of the X Factor, after she sailed through bootcamp.

But this year, following her return to the show, bootcamp was as far as Jade got and viewers didn’t even get to hear her sing, as she was eliminated from the competition, and most of ITV’s coverage, at the weekend.

Jade had previously sailed through the early audition rounds – shown on ITV2’s The Xtra Factor – with Gary Barlow singling her out as a contender.

But it appears the competition must have been too strong, as no clips of Jade singing at the latest stage, despite performing twice, were broadcast on TV.

Fans of the local singer instead had to make do with fleeting clips of her waiting anxiously to hear she hadn’t made it through to this year’s judges’ houses, on Sunday night’s programme.

Speaking afterwards on Twitter, Jade said she didn’t think she would go back next year and guessed maybe it was because she didn’t have much of a story to tell as to why she featured so little in this year’s coverage.

She added: “Just want to say thanks so much to everybody for their tweets, you have been unreal, and I’m honestly so blessed. It ain’t over ‘til its over.

“I’m annoyed X Factor didn’t show any of my performances really, but what can you do. Hey ho, onwards & upwards...It’s all good.”

Other local interest didn’t fare much better.

Colin Malcolm, known locally as the frontman of Healthy Minds Collapse, was at least shown singing before he too was eliminated on Sunday.

Dressed in grey trousers and a white graphic t-shirt, he featured on stage singing ‘Use Somebody’ by The Killers, alongside Christopher Maloney and Kye Sones on Saturday night’s programme.

Straight away, Gary Barlow told all three they had made it through to the next stage of bootcamp but, after singing his solo audition, which wasn’t broadcast, Colin was eliminated in Sunday night’s show as Maloney and Sones were both put through.