Outage brings Talktalk lines down across Fife

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Talktalk says it is working to re-establish connection for customers affected by an outage in Fife.

Customers in Levenmouth reported their landlines were down this morning (Thursday) and could make no outgoing calls.

Attempts to make incoming calls were met with a voice message saying “this number is not recognised”.

TalkTalk was unable at this stage to confirm how many customers were affected by the technical issue.

The Press understands some lines have already been repaired.

A spokesperson said: “We are sorry that some customers are experiencing problems with their landlines.

“Some affected customers may still be able to make or receive calls even though they cannot hear a dial tone.

“We’re working hard to fix this issue as quickly as possible.”

Customers are advised they can register to receive text message updates on the issue by calling TalkTalk on 0203 441 5550 if calling from a mobile, or 0870 444 1820 if calling from a landline.