Outing to Secret Bunker inspired fiction trilogy

Scotland's Secret Bunker near Anstruther (picture by Angus Forbes)
Scotland's Secret Bunker near Anstruther (picture by Angus Forbes)

Scotland’s Secret Bunker, a cold-war nuclear command centre, has become the focus of a series of young adult fiction books.

It was while on a visit to the bunker, situated between St Andrews and the East Neuk, with his family that author Paul Teague found the inspiration for his series.

Since that creative spark in 2011, Paul has written three books: ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘The Four Quadrants’ and ‘Regeneration’. The dystopian fiction books tell the story of a family who, while on a visit to a disused secret bunker, get caught up in the life-threatening events caused by a nuclear threat to the planet.

The secret bunker team is delighted the centre has inspired the trilogy and managing director James Mitchell said: “It is fantastic that the bunker has been immortalised in Paul Teague’s stories.

“The bunker is a very atmospheric place to be and is inspiring for anyone who has a creative imagination. Just over 30 years ago, we were literally on the brink of a nuclear war and, when people visit they are amazed at just how recent the threat was and how prepared we were to protect ourselves from that threat.”

Scotland’s Secret Bunker re-opened its doors to the public at the weekend, after being closed for the winter.