Outrage as Cupar beauty spot is targeted by vandals

John Cunningham has been carrying out repairs himself (Pic: David Cruickshanks)John Cunningham has been carrying out repairs himself (Pic: David Cruickshanks)
John Cunningham has been carrying out repairs himself (Pic: David Cruickshanks)
Nature lovers in Cupar have voiced shock and anger after vandals went on a wrecking spree at one of the town's most popular beauty spots.

The culprits have struck several times in the past few weeks, badly damaging Cupar in Bloom’s woodland ‘bug house’, wrenching off a new bird feeder and throwing wine bottles and beer cans into the pond.

Cupar in Bloom’s story board was also broken off its fixing and thrown into the pond.

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Resident John Cunningham, a member of Cupar in Bloom, said that one of the most worrying aspects of the incidents was that the embers of a fire were found to be still burning at 9am on a Sunday morning.

He said this could be highly dangerous because of the woodland in the area.

“A number of years back we had experience of this area being used as a meeting/drinking point for youths from all over and certainly wouldn’t want a recurrence of the same problem,” he said.

Mary Law, chairman of Cupar in Bloom, said she had been aware of problems in the past and it had been decided not to publicise it for fear of ‘copycat’ behaviour.

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However, it was hoped that this time the fact that the police had been involved would act as a deterrent.

“Cupar in Bloom has no time for this mindless vandalism, which also has an element of danger attached,” she said.

“The team works so hard for the benefit of the community.”

The damaged bug house, which has since been repaired, was hand-made by Mrs Law’s husband, Ronnie.

Sharon Holmes of Police Scotland, community sergeant for the Cupar area, said that police officers had attended the area as part of their routine patrols and had heard – but couldn’t find – a group of youths who made off before they reached the area where the bug house is located.

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She said there was evidence of a small fire having been lit.

“We continue to patrol the area along with other identified spots where groups are known to be congregating.’’ said Sergeant Holmes.

“Antisocial behaviour is one of the local priorities we are trying to tackle with patrols and positive engagement and education.

“If anyone has crime to report can I ask that they are encouraged to phone 101 and report matters so that we can investigate.”

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