Owners urged to clean up after pets

Dog fouling warning signs
Dog fouling warning signs

DOG walkers in Fife are being reminded once again that people who do not pick up after their pets have fouled will be issued with a £40 fixed penalty notice.

Fife Council’s campaign continues against dog fouling featuring ‘Wanted’ signs to give members of the public information on how to quickly report dog walkers who break the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003.

These signs are proving extremely effective all over Fife and come in many sizes and appear at locations where dogs are walked regularly.

If a person witnesses someone not picking up after their dog has fouled, they are urged to call 08451 55 00 22.

It is every owner’s duty to clean up after their dog and there are no excuses.

Fouling is extremely antisocial and totally unacceptable.

Fife is a beautiful part of Scotland, and the council is asking all dog walkers to help keep it that way.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, executive spokesperson for transportation and environment, said: “We want to emphasise the importance of responsible behaviour in dog owners.

“No member of the public wants to tread on dog poo.

“As well as it being antisocial, it’s also a health hazard.

”Over 70 fixed penalty notices were issued last year in Fife.

“The majority of people fined paid, however a small number did not and sheriff officers recovered the money, arresting people’s wages in some instances.”

He went on: “Dog owners must be aware that this practice is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Fife.

“The message has to get through to irresponsible dog owners that they will be caught and fined.

“In Fife we are rightly proud of our beautiful parks and award-winning beaches and people deserve the right to walk on the Kingdom’s footpaths without treading on dog mess.

“The school holidays have begun and many children will be out playing and it should be a clean and safe environment for them to do so.”