Oxfam to pull out of town centre

Oxfam charity shop in Kirkcaldy High Street
Oxfam charity shop in Kirkcaldy High Street
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A LONG-STANDING charity shop in Kirkcaldy will shut its doors at the end of the year.

Oxfam, based in the High Street’s west end, is closing on Saturday, December 29. A spokesman for the charity said the move came as a result of the shop not being able to secure enough money from donations.

He said: “While we understand that people may be sad about the closure of the Kirkcaldy shop, we have to make sure our shops are profitable.

“We have a responsibility to raise as much money as possible from people’s donations and unfortunately this shop was not making enough to remain open.

“We would like to thank all the people who have donated to the shop in the past and to those who bought there and raised funds to fight poverty.

“We hope they will continue to support other Oxfam shops in Fife.”

Staff at other charity shops in the town said they were shocked and saddened to learn of the closure, but said operating in the current economic climate has been tough.


Theresa Lyon, manageress at the British Heart Foundation, said: “We have been finding it very difficult and we aren’t getting as many donations as we did last year.

“People aren’t spending on new items so they aren’t giving as much away. We are launching a big appeal next month for people to donate - even if it’s just half a bag it brings in £40 towards saving a life.

“It was a shock to hear about Oxfam closing as it has been in Kirkcaldy for years and it will be sadly missed.”


Helen Brown, manageress at the Cancer Research UK shop, said: “We are not too bad and this could be because we relocated to the centre of the High Street in February - we were at the bottom of Kirk Wynd before, but everyone is feeling the pinch just now.”

She added: “It is quite sad to hear Oxfam is closing because it has been here a long time. Regardless of whether it is a charity or a store it’s another loss for the High Street.”