Packing up a fortune for a great mentor

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Charity bag packers scored big when a number of premiership football players dropped into Tesco in St Andrews recently.

Madras College students, teachers and friends had organised the charity event to raise money for maths and guidance teacher Donald Grewar who was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

Excitement stirred amongst the weekend fundraisers when players from Everton Football Club and the England international team stopped to chat and allow the volunteers to pack their bags.

The sportsmen met Mr Grewar and contributed to the £1364.94 raised on the day.

Continuing the fundraising efforts for Mr Grewar, a charity fun run will be held on September 13 at the University of St Andrews Cricket Pavilion Sports Field.

Madras College pupil Brynja Duthie (14), the driving force behind the fundraising, was determined to show her teacher how much everyone cared about him by arranging initiatives to support him and the Anne Rowling Clinic, a regenerative neurology research clinic in Edinburgh.

Brynja said: “Mr Grewar loved to run before he became ill last year so I decided the best thing to do was to show him how much I care about him and appreciate what he has done for me by organising a charity fun run to raise money for him and research into MND.”

Mr Grewar who was diagnosed over a year and a half ago has been overwhelmed by the support. He said: “I decided to put my best foot forward and chose to just try and get through this myself.

“Four months ago Brynja, who I know very well from school, found out that I had MND and two months later, she and her mum and dad had this idea of doing a charity fun run.

“They are unbelievable driving forces in terms of fundraising and I think it’s going to be a hugely successful event.”

Mr G’s MND Fun Run costs £10 to enter and is suitable for all the family with a 1km option for children age 11 and under and a 5km for those over 11.

There will be refreshments and music after the race with a prize giving and a raffle.

“Donald has had such a positive impact and affect on Brynja’s life particularly at her lowest ebb during her Gramps’s illness,” said Brynja’s mum Charmaine.

“She was upset when she discovered Donald had MND but was determined to do something positive to help him.

“This run is her goal to show Donald through her actions how much she and others care for him, hopefully also raise a lot of money as well as awareness.

“She wants the day of the run to be fun, celebrating a great teacher, Mr G as he is fondly known.

“As we all work together I realise even more so what an incredible teacher and person Donald is and what incredible strength he has. He genuinely cares, and goes the extra mile, even now during this difficult time.”

Despite the emotional impact of the event Mr Grewar is looking forward to the day. He said: “Madras is a lovely community and there has been a lot of interest from former pupils. We are hoping for a very good turnout.

“I think going down there will probably be very difficult for me. Lots of different people will be there, and once I get over my initial bubbling reaction it will be a wonderful day!”

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