Parents call foul on dog mess on pitches

KIRKCALDY;'pic of dog poo at the Windmill pitches, off Windmill Road.'photo; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'pic of dog poo at the Windmill pitches, off Windmill Road.'photo; WALTER NEILSON

PARENTS of boys in a Kirkcaldy football team stopped them from playing on a town pitch due to the large amount of dog mess.

Kenny Thompson, who coaches the St John Lions 1999s, vented his anger after two parents prevented their sons from having a game of football on the Windmill pitches in Kirkcaldy last Sunday because of the amount of dog dirt lying.

Mr Thompson said he has been in touch with local councillor Kay Carrington about the issue which he calls a ‘disgrace’.

And he has urged the Council to take more action to combat the ongoing problem.

He said: “It’s absolutely horrendous, a disgrace. As well as dogs mess everywhere, there are also holes which have been made by dogs digging.

“Last Sunday a couple of parents refused to allow their kids to play because of the dirt. We play games there every other weekend and there are no dog fouling signs up in the area.

“It is about time something was done. This has been a problem for the last few years.”

Mr Thompson said he has been forced to clean up the pitches himself - filling the holes with sand and removing the dog dirt so the children can play football.

He added: “It will take a child to lose his vision because he has landed in dog dirt or urine before something is done.”

Local councillor Kay Carrington said she was trying to get more signs put up in the area.

She said: “Kenny contacted me to say there was a lot of dog mess lying on the pitch last Sunday. We really need to work on this to stop owners from allowing their animals to foul on the pitches. These owners need to be issued with on-the-spot fines.”

Zero tolerance

Elaine Devine, environmental and commercial team leader, said the Council operates a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling.

“If there is a particular problem at these pitches, we are happy to focus our patrols in the area but we need more details about who is doing it and at what times.

“We are carrying out patrols at hotspot areas but we have a limited number of dog wardens who can’t be in lots of places at once.”

She invited Mr Thompson to contact the service to report the issue and said they would be delighted to put up signs and banners in the area - but she would need to find out when the team plays on the pitches to arrange this.