Parents car-buying decisions influenced by their children

The Batmobile e topped the list of Scottish children's favourite superhero cars.
The Batmobile e topped the list of Scottish children's favourite superhero cars.

Over 36 per cent of Scottish parents said their last car-buying decision was influenced by whether or not their child liked the vehicle.

The Batmobile also topped the list of Scottish children’s favourite superhero cars.

These were just some of the findings of research carried out for Auto Trader last month. It revealed just how much influence children have when it comes to the car-buying decisions of their parents.

The survey polled the views of 1000 parents and children aged between five and 11.

The findings found red is the most popular colour for a car with 31.9 per cent of children claiming it as their favourite.

Around 34.7 per cent of youngsters felt the BMW Convertible was the best designed car on the market and over 27 per cent would like a snack and drink dispenser in the car; 25 per cent would like seats that turn into beds and over 18 per cent would like exhaust pipes with flames coming out.

And when asked who is a better driver, Scottish mums got the vote of confidence with 45.8 per cent of the votes, higher than Dad, Grandma and Grandad.

Nathan Coe of Auto Trader said: “A substantial amount of research has been done looking at how the decision of the car buyer can be influenced and at what stage in the buying journey.

“But few have really considered the role that children play, or the influence of pester power. If one of the kids doesn’t like the shape or colour of your next car, or it doesn’t come with plug-in for an i-Pad, then you’d better be prepared for some serious pestering!”

The top five features in a dream car for Scottish children were: tv screens (63.9 per cent); DVD players (52.8 per cent); Internet connection (41.7 per cent), built-in video games (36.1 per cent) and a mini fridge (30.6 per cent).

Nathan added: “Car retailers are becoming more aware of the need to cater for children on the forecourt, both in terms of providing entertainment for them whilst their parents are looking at cars, and actively pointing out features that they would be interested in, like in-car entertainment systems.

“As the technical specifications on new cars continues to advance, kids will only become more interested in the car they are transported about in.”