Parents ‘ignored’ over closure of Glenrothes school

Tanshall parents protesting against the proposal to close the school
Tanshall parents protesting against the proposal to close the school

Parents in Tanshall say their concerns over the move to close the primary school have “been ignored yet again” by education officials.

The claim follows the publication of findings from the recent public consultation.

Campaign spokesman Euan Howells says there is nothing new in the document that makes a case for the closure and is urging Glenrothes councillors to back their fight to save the school.

“When we met administration leader Alex Rowley back in April he said that the views of the families would be given full consideration, well here’s his chance to honour that commitment.”

Councillor Peter Grant, whose ward the school is in, said the public’s view of the proposals was overwhelming.

“Pupils were 164 to four against closing the school, parents and carers were 104 to 1 against, and staff were 100 per cent against closing the school,” said Mr Grant.

“This level of support is truly astonishing and is an indication of the loyalty and dedication the school inspires in its entire community.

“In nearly 22 years as a councillor I don’t remember ever seeing such universal and passionate support for a school.

The council opposition leader, who has backed the parents calls for the school to remain open throughout, also questioned the credibility of the report.

“I can find no indication anywhere in the report that the council has changed a single word of its proposal to take account of the community’s objections,” said Mr Grant.

“There’s still not a single word anywhere to tell us why Glenrothes was targeted in the first place, and not a single word to explain why the council leapt straight into the school closure process without looking for alternatives.

“This was a deeply flawed proposal from the beginning. It’s not surprising that the final consultation report fails to make a credible case for closing the school, because there is no case and there never has been.

“The council must listen to what people are telling them, they must take seriously the concerns coming from HMIE, they must ditch this proposal and lift the axe that’s been hanging over this school for far too long.”

Parents are planning a further demonstration outside Fife House on the morning of February 11, the same day the Executive Committee meets to decide the fate of the Glenrothes school.