Parents of missing Allan Bryant speak out as two year anniversary looms

Allan Bryan't parents Allan Snr and Marie. Picture by Steven Brown Photography.
Allan Bryan't parents Allan Snr and Marie. Picture by Steven Brown Photography.

Every morning the parents of Allan Bryant wake up with the hope that this will be the day that sees the return of their son.

Every night, with no news and them no nearer to finding Allan, they face the unbearable anguish of having to face the next morning and the torment and despair that it inevitably brings.

The second anniversary of Allan’s disappearance is looming.

He was last seen leaving Styx nightclub in the town in the early hours of Sunday, November 3, 2013 - images that the family say will haunt them forever.

But despite the torment, they remain hopeful and refuse to rest.

They will continue to keep the search for Allan in the public eye.

“The stress of coming up for two years since we last saw Allan leaving the house in such a happy mood is taking its toll on us at the moment,” Allan’s father, Allan Snr said.

But he continues each day with his efforts not to allow his son’s memory to fade from the public’s mind, efforts that are recognised by more than 56,000 followers on the family’s dedicated Facebook page.

“It is really hard to put into words as these people do not know us personally yet they feel like our extended family now,” he said.

“I have tried my best to keep our son in the public eye now for nearly two years – in some ways this has affected my health.

“Allan is with me 24/7 in my thoughts, in my dreams; the hardest part is wondering what really has happened to him. I will never, ever stop looking for my son, he means the world to me, Allan is my first born child. Allan and I often talked about if he had a son he was going to call him Allan too.

“He was going to give me grandchildren and carry our name on.”

Despite a huge police enquiry into the 25-year-old’s disappearance, reported to be the biggest missing person enquiry ever undertaken in Fife, the family are no nearer ending their nightmare, described by Allan’s father as a “living hell”.

He added: “I just want to say to my son - I’m your dad, I will never give up on you son, I will find you and get you home, I love and miss you son.”

Hundreds are expected to gather for a car rally and street cruise this Sunday, November 1 starting aft 6.30pm from Pentland Retail Park, Glenrothes, as the family mark the second anniversary of Allan’s disappearance.

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