Parents of tragic baby Ainslie welcome sheriff’s findings

Cosatto Stratford cot bed
Cosatto Stratford cot bed
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THE parents of a baby who died after being trapped in a faulty cot were sold an old model, a sheriff has ruled.

Seven-month-old Ainslie Smith suffocated in his Cosatto Stratford cot bed in July 2009 after a rod at one end became detached and he got stuck in a gap between the mattress and the base.

Sheriff Charles Macnair has just released his findings following a fatal accident inquiry tragedy and says that modifications had been made to the Stratford before Ainslie’s parents, Ainslie and Alexandra, bought theirs from Babyland in Kirkcaldy in June 2009.

But he said that it would appear that old stock was still being sold to customers after the modification was made.

During the inquiry Cosatto had accepted that the cot in which Ainslie died was defective.

Speaking on behalf of Mr and Mrs Smith, of Priestfield, Pitlessie, solicitor Tony Anderson said: “Mr and Mrs Smith are more than satisfied with the sheriff’s determination.

“They believe it has vindicated their efforts to fully investigate the circumstances leading to the sudden death of their baby boy.

“Whilst they have always known this tragedy could have been avoided, the fatal accident inquiry has undoubtedly established clear defects in the design and construction of the Cosatto cot.

“They only hope that the sheriff’s findings now go some way to ensure that the circumstances surrounding their heartbreaking ordeal do not befall another family.”