Parents’ parking putting Parkhill pupils at peril


INCONSIDERATE parents are risking the safety of children by parking too close to school gates.

During a discussion on a proposal to extend keep clear markings at Parkhill Primary School (pictured) to part of Parker Terrace, members of the Levenmouth area committee again stressed their concern at the volume of parents who ignore safety pleas and drop-off children at gates when it’s not safe.

Councillor Alistair Hunter said the problem had “been an issue” for as long as he’d been on Fife Council.

He said: “Some parents will badly park or badly drive in order to save themselves a few yards. This is an on-going problem and there’s a reason they’re asked not to park at the school – child safety.”

Councillors agreed to the restriction zone at Parkhill with Councillor Jim Young adding that the issue was a concern at other local schools as well.