Parents shocked after vandals trash nursery garden created by the community

Torbain nursery playground destroyed by vandals
Torbain nursery playground destroyed by vandals

Parents have expressed shock and disappointment after vandals completely destroyed a nursery garden created by the community.

The outdoor nursery play area at Torbain Primary School had only recently been revamped through a volunteer scheme run by Lloyds TSB.

A mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The ground has been totally ransacked in the last couple of days.

“Every holiday there’s usually some bother - that’s just kids - but when it gets to this stage it’s just pure vandalism.

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it.

“When my children saw it they were really upset.”

It’s sucha shame that their efforts have been wasted

Wooden tables donated by scouts were vandalised as were stepping stone logs donated by a pupil’s grandfather.

A shed was ransacked and broken, and a ‘mud kitchen’ destroyed.

Recently workers from the local Lloyds TSB branch volunteered to spend a day tidying up the grounds as part of the bank’s Make a Difference scheme.

“It’s sucha shame that their efforts have been wasted,” said the parent.

“We used to use the nursery ground in the summer because local play parks were pulled down and never replaced.

“At this rate the school won’t be letting people in there at all because vandals have absolutely wrecked it this time.”

An appeal has been issued to the Kirkcaldy community to find a replacement shed .

“As long as the shed is plastic - wood is apparently a fire hazard - any donation would be kindly accepted,” said themum.

Parents have also started organising time to get mucked in at the site and clear up the debris.

Fife Council has also been informed and is due to inspect the site and make it safe before children return to nursery after the summer holidays.

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