Parents’ worry over mystery seizure illness

Kerry Hutchison and daughter Mya.
Kerry Hutchison and daughter Mya.

A YOUNG Leven family is facing the festive period with a mystery illness hanging over their three-year-old child.

Kerry Hutchison and her partner Malcolm have had to witness the torture of daughter Mya suffering increasingly regular seizures since the end of last month.

The couple say they are growing gravely concerned for Mya’s health and the length of time it’s taking for her to be diagnosed.

Kerry told the Mail: “Mya has had fits since she was one, brought on by high temperature; but these were about one or two a year.

“But recently, she had 10 in the space of a few days.

“Her face has now started drooping on one side, she’s slurring her speech and her co-ordination is getting worse.

“It’s absolutely terrifying; it could be something in her brain.”

Kerry and Malcolm took Mya to their doctor to report the fits but say they were sent home and told the treat her with Calpol and Ibuprofen.

But the episodes didn’t stop, so they arranged for an EEG test, which records brain activity, and also an MRI scan to be carried out.

Sadly, this wasn’t able to be completed as Mya became distressed at the hospital – the reasons for which the couple have now registered in an official complaint with NHS Fife.

Board nurse director, Anne Buchanan, said NHS Fife was determined to do its best for everybody and took complaints seriously.

She added: “When we were notified of the concerns, we took immediate action to reschedule the outpatient appointments; however, we cannot comment further due to patient confidentiality.

“What we can confirm is we are currently dealing with the concerns raised through our complaints procedure.”