Park life gearing up for 12th annual Skate Jam

Beveridge Park is ready to host the 12th annual Skate Jam. Pic: FPA
Beveridge Park is ready to host the 12th annual Skate Jam. Pic: FPA

This year’s Skate Jam could be the “biggest and best ever” say organisers as they count down to the Beveridge Park competition.

The July 4 event, which serves as an annual showcase of Fife’s board, bike and blading talent, is now in its 12th year - and proves as popular among the public as it does with the wider skating community.

It’s a huge achievement and one that should be celebrated

Dave Gillespie

Its success is all the more sweet considering it was saved by YM Skate Crew after Beveridge Park Community Group pulled out two years ago.

What’s more, the group of eight teenagers, who all meet at Kirkcaldy YMCA, have to fund the event themselves.

At the helm is senior youth worker Dave Gillespie, who said: “They’ve put a tremendous amount of effort in to prepare for this year’s KDY Skate Jam with fundraising starting on January 1 at the Loony Dook - a day anyone who took part in won’t forget in a hurry!”

Other events through the year included bag packing at Morrison’s supermarket and a 24-hour Bounce-A-Thon.

Dave added: “The fact that they’ve raised several hundred pounds is a huge achievement, one that should be celebrated because if the group hadn’t decided to take the responsibility on there’s a good chance the Skate Jam wouldn’t have continued.”

The event had originally been funded by the Beveridge Park Community Group and hosted by local skaters during the park’s annual festival but, after ten years the organisers decided to stop.

Dave said: “This would have been a great shame because Kirkcaldy has a long history of skateboarding and a lot of time and effort by the local skaters over a number of years has gone into creating a very popular annual local event.”

He added: “We’ve managed to reach our goal and we’re hoping this will be the biggest and best Skate Jam yet.”

Sadly, the local skate community lost a popular figure recently.

Shaun Lindberg, a well known Kirkcaldy skater and youth worker, passed away in May.

Dave said: “Shaun skated in Kirkcaldy for just short of thirty years and was known to many and was renowned for wearing shorts all year round.

“We’ll be taking a moment to remember Shaun on the day.”

The competition, which will feature music and DJs, takes place on Saturday, July 4 with registration starting from 11.00 a.m and the competition starting at 12.30 p.m.