Park revamp first step in revitalisation

Aberhill playpark
Aberhill playpark

An Aberhill resident is hoping a new play park facility can help to ring the changes in the area, after already noticing a huge difference since it was installed in May.

Lori Oliver, who stays on Taylor Street, thanked Fife Council for putting the park in and says there has been a real turnaround in the attitudes and behaviour of many of the locals.

She said: “The park has been so busy for the last eight weeks, and mums and families are bringing their kids now – I even saw people sitting with a blanket the other day.

“That would never have happened before. Older kids would use the old park to drink in and kids just didn’t play there.”

Now she is hoping this will be just the first step in a revitalisation for Aberhill, which she said has had a lot of bad press in recent years.

“People are picking up after their dogs and picking up litter and really taking a pride in the local area now.

“I really hope the Council continues to make changes here and it would be nice to see it go from strength to strength.”

Councillor Andrew Rodger has welcomed Lori’s comments and said he has noticed a visible change in the area as well: “I’ve seen a big change in Aberhill and that’s all down to the community working to make that change.

“The park has helped to bring people together. And another great thing is it is so visible, so kids can play freely.”

He added: “There has been a lot of investment in the area and we try to put stuff in place that the community wants.”