Parkhill proves a model for Scottish education

Parkhill Primary School
Parkhill Primary School

PARKHILL is set to become a model school for best practices in Scottish education.

The Leven premises garnered one of the best primary reports in Scotland – and the best in Fife – after a recent visit by HMIe inspectors.

Delighted head teacher Yvonne Wallace said it was down to a combination of work involving pupils, staff and the community.

“Parents and the community play a particularly important role in the success of Parkhill and I think that comes out in the full report,” she added.

Education inspectors have advised Parkhill to continue its work in progressing the Curriculum for Excellence, while they will be returning to Aitken Street to look more closely at the school’s innovative methods for the development of education in Scotland.

The increased focus on the school would be positivce, as it had performed so well, said Mrs Wallace.

“We are happy to share our working practices, as we have been helped before by colleagues, and it’s a measure of the professionalism of the staff that they’re prepared to do that,” she added.

The report said: “Across the school, the quality of learning and teaching is consistently high and classrooms are vibrant and exciting places to learn. As a result, children are very well motivated and feel their opinions count.”

“Teachers are skilled at providing opportunities for children to develop their critical thinking skills and they respond by being very imaginative and creative.”

Staff also willingly gave of their own time to keep up Parkhill’s “very high reputation” in the communty”.

The full report can be accessed via