Parking fine quashed - with help from Fife Herald

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A Balmullo man has had his parking fine quashed after his case was highlighted in the Fife Herald.

Alan Ferguson mistakenly left his car in a disabled bay in Cupar’s Crossgate last month and was duly issued with a ticket.

But the markings on the road were so faded as to be almost indiscernible — and now Mr Ferguson has been reimbursed, while the white lines have been repainted.

Mr Ferguson said: “I wrote to Fife Council on the advice of the Fife Herald, describing what had happened and telling them it had been highlighted in the paper.

“I got a letter back from the police in Glenrothes saying it was a mistake and I should not have been fined, and that they would cancel the fine through the Justice of the Peace Court.”

When the Fife Herald raised the issue with Fife Council at the beginning of last month, a spokesperson said: “Our budgets are committed on an area basis and this year the works to refresh the lining of bays are focused on St Andrews.

“We will refresh areas on an ad hoc basis when we receive any reports from the police or the public.

“Individuals can make a claim to the council through any local office if they feel they have been wrongly charged for parking illegally.”

Mr Ferguson added: “When I was in Cupar last Thursday my wife and I remarked that all the lines had been repainted.”