Parking hope has turned into a nightmare

The proposed car parking area at Greenloanings
The proposed car parking area at Greenloanings

Kirkcaldy residents who dreamed of having extra parking spaces created behind their homes say the plans have become a nightmare.

Fife Council came up with the proposal to put more bays in a service area to the rear of houses in Greenloanings due to a shortage of parking in the area.

They planned to dig out a grassed banking area to make the additional spaces.

Work began in March, when contractors began excavating the grass covered section. However when they started digging they discovered that there were cable television cables underneath and were forced to stop.

Linzi Annan (45), who lives at 37 Greenloanings with husband Walter (46), and son Craig (9), said: “It’s not quite what we had hoped for.

“The ground has been dug up with exposed cables since March 6 and it has just completely ground to a halt since then.”

Mrs Annan explained that parking had been a problem since she moved in to her house in December 2008.

“We are very short of parking spaces and with people bringing home works vans and other vehicles, you often can’t get a space at all.

“I have been forced to park my car on the access road at the back which is not ideal if an emergency vehicle has to get in.

“It is okay during the day when everyone is out at work, but in the evenings or at weekends you are scared to move your car if you have a space because you won’t get back in again, and if you have visitors then they often can’t get parked anywhere near.

“We were delighted when the Council said it would give us extra parking at the back, but when the workmen uncovered the cables everything just stopped and nothing seems to have been done since. It’s a nightmare.”

Mrs Annan said she had been in contact with the Council on several occasions and had received an email saying the work would be completed in early October.

“That obviously hasn’t happened and doesn’t look anywhere near happening. We are just fed up with the whole thing.”

Fife Council response:

Gordon Hope, Area Housing and Neighbourhoods Team Leader, apologised for the delay.

He said: “After work began to improve parking facilities, underground utility cables were discovered which brought the work to a halt. It has now been agreed it is not feasible to move the utilities and the land will be re-instated back to its original form. Where possible, the remaining sites identified for parking improvement will go ahead and it is expected that work will commence soon.”