Parking problems for Leven residents

Residents of William Laing Crescent are having problems parking.
Residents of William Laing Crescent are having problems parking.

Residents of a block of flats in Leven are frustrated about parking problems on their street.

The residents of William Laing Crescent, which sits off Aitken Street, are frustrated by drivers stealing their parking spaces.

And Emma Ure (31) believes the situation could be made worse by the opening of a new club, Truth, which is due to open its doors in February.

She said: “This has been going on for years. It’s going to get much worse because we’re near the refurbished nightclub and you know that people going there are going to park here.”

Emma is already frustrated by parents parking outside the flats to drop their children off at Parkhill Primary School, which sits adjacent to the block, and by shoppers going to the High Street.

“People are parking here because we’re two streets away from the High Street,” she explained.

“The parking is atrocious. I’m supposed to have parking outside my door but I can’t get to it. When I go shopping with my kid I’ve got to park streets away and then carry the bags and push the pram.”

Despite her complaints, Emma, who claims the Council say there’s nothing they can do to solve the problem.

She added: “People have been to the Council.

“They said it’s residents parking but they can’t go about picking up cars and moving them. My partner has even resorted to putting stickers on the cars that park here.”

Another resident, Susan Rae (62), backed up Emma’s claims and thinks more needs to be done to tackle the issue.

She said: “When the children are coming to school, parents leave their cars here. It’s impossible to park near 3pm. It’s the same problem with the High Street. And that’s before this new club opens up.”

In response to the complaints, Fife Council say they will investigate the problem and look into possible parking issues surrounding the opening of the club.

Murray Hannah, road safety and traffic management service manager for Fife Council, said: “We will take a look at the crescent to identify any current problems, and particularly when the new club opens next year.

“In advance of it opening we will review the use of North Street fronting the club and consider what changes may be needed in relation to drop-off and pick-up opportunities, particularly for taxis, which may reduce demand for parking or dropping off by club patrons in the Crescent.”