Pars chairman: ‘Dunfermline will not tolerate racial abuse’

The chairman of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club, John Yorkston, has made it clear the club will not tolerate racially motivated bad behaviour, reports GAIL MILNE.

He made the statement after a 20-year-old man was arrested over an alleged racially motivated breach of the peace at the recent Dunfermline v Hibs match.

The arrest was made as the result of an intelligence-led anti-racism operation which has been running at East End Park for last few home games, and has involved plain clothed police officers being deployed in the crowd to identify and apprehend anyone acting in a racially motivated manner.

The incident occurred in the North West Stand of the ground and as a result, the man was arrested and charged with a racially aggravated breach of the peace.

Pars fans liaison officer, Sergeant Andy Smith, who has been running an engagement forum with fans, said: “Racist abuse of players, or any person for that matter, is totally unacceptable and we will do all we can to root out the very small minority of fans who act in this despicable way.

“The operation will continue at forthcoming home games and this arrest should act as a warning and deterrent to others.”

The man has been banned from the ground in the meantime, and if convicted, the club will consider further action, which is likely to be a lifetime ban.

Club chairman, Mr Yorkston said: “We are a family-friendly football club and there is no place for anyone at Dunfermline who conducts themselves in a racially motivated way; the club’s position on this is very clear - anyone who is found guilty of racially abusing players or other fans will face being banned from the club for life.”

A 20-year-old man was due to appear at Dunfermline Sheriff Court in connection with the alleged incident.