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Urban Atmosphere (Pic by Tommy Slack
Urban Atmosphere (Pic by Tommy Slack

TEN years after he got his first set of decks, things are going in the right direction for James Cowie.

The 21-year-old DJ and producer is having the time of his life at the moment, doing what he loves to do and hopes the work he’s doing now can lead on to more ventures in the future.

James, who goes by the name of Urban Atmosphere, has enjoyed one of his most successful years to date, playing a host of dates and getting a number one in the hardcore chart.

The DJ, who recently completed a course in sound production at Adam Smith College, explained: “Since I was about three-years-old I have been in to dance music.

“I got my first set of decks at the age of 11 and that’s where my career really started.

“I used to listen to ‘Late Night Tom Wilson’ shows on the radio.

“By the time I was 12 I had starting making my own tracks and was learning how to produce them.

“Back then I was into a lot of faster music, hardcore and stuff like that, but I do a lot of other styles of dance music now too.

“My main influences from an early age were the likes of Ultra Sonic and Bass Generators.”

James has watched his career develop since then, producing his own tracks which led to the creation of his own label in 2006, Ultimate Rush.

But now he’s signed to four well respected record labels in the dance music genre - Bass Generator Records, Pandemic Digital, Hyperdrive Recordings and Implosion Digital (Organ Donors’ label).

Last April, ‘The Dream’, a collaboration between Urban Atmosphere and Loco reached number one in the Track It Down charts.

The DJ and producer from Freuchie released his latest track, a collaboration with David Muir, just last month on the Organ Donors’ Implosion Digital label.

He’s been kept busy recently with a string of gigs, some perhaps a little more unusual than the club scene.

He explained: “I did quite a big gig at the O2 Academy in Glasgow, it was called ‘Back to the Future’. I did the opening set for that and that went really well.

“I’m going to Majorca to DJ on a boat party at the end of August, which should be really good.

“I recently got my debut set at Perversity, the boat parties going along the Forth.

“That set went down really well - the organisers said it was the best debut set they’d seen.

“I was absolutely amazed by the crowd’s reaction, it was the highlight of the night. I was really pleased with how it went.

“I’ve also had some stranger gigs recently.

“I was DJing at the Officers Club in Glenrothes for an event they were doing and at the Balbirnie Gym for spin classes and a sponsored spin event.

“They were both good, a little different, but it’s all about getting my name known and to get people who don’t usually listen to that sort of music listening.”

Although he started his career with producing trance music, he’s seen his styles expand over the years.

“I do a variety of different dance music, but at the moment I seem to be focused on the harder edged house music and the Dirty Dutch as well,” he says.

“But I like anything quite bouncy that’s got a groove.”

This weekend sees Urban Atmosphere play the Greenside Hotel, Leslie as part of ‘Elevation’ on Saturday.

The night, which features techno, house and trance music, is organised by James and his fellow DJ David Muir.

The pair will both be playing at the night, which also features Ross Dixon, Louis Clark b2b Stewie Anderson.

James, who cites his current influences as Chucky, Laid Back Luke and Organ Donors, added: “David and I started Elevation in November last year in Ladybank.

“This is our third event, but it’s the first one that’s been outside Ladybank so we hope people will come along and check it out.”

>> Urban Atmosphere plays ‘Elevation’ at the Greenside, Leslie, Saturday

DJ CULTURE: James Cowie/Urban Disturbance (Pic: Tommy Slack / TDSLR Photography)