Paul Dabek Mischief, La Belle Angele (Venue 301a)

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Paul Dabek Mischief, La Belle Angele (Venue 301a)

Paul Dabek is a familiar face on the Free Fringe, previously being found within the labyrinth that is the Voodoo Rooms,

This year he can be found just off the Cowgate at La Belle Angele with a thoroughly entertaining night of magic and comedy - a combination that makes for a great live show.

He’s slick and sharp, and engages with his audience throughout a 60-minute set that includes some familiar tricks all executed with style.

As always his hands are quicker than your eyes, and he’s a great showman too.

And there is more than magic and quick wit to Dabek too, as he demonstrates with a smashing rendition of the Lion King with nothing more than his hands, a light a backdrop screen to bring the cast to life.

Well worth seeing.

Part of the Free Fringe.