Paws for thought please


DOG owners are being asked to follow a voluntary code which doesn’t allow their pets on a small section of Leven beach during the summer.

The dog free zone has been set up for the months of July and August by Fife Council, between Action Zone and the start of Leven Beach Holiday Park, in a bid to ensure everyone gets the chance to make the most of the award winning coastline.

Robbie Blyth, beaches and coast officer at Fife Council, told the Mail: “Leven beach is quite a big beach and the exclusion zone is quite small. We’re not saying you can’t have a dog on the beach but we’re just asking people if they would mind taking their dog to another area.

“We get a lot of people who don’t want dogs on the beach, some people don’t want dogs near them and some do so it’s trying to strike a happy medium.”

Mr Blyth clarified the status of the exclusion zone, which is the section that was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award, after readers contacted the Mail asking whether the whole beach was now closed to dogs or if in fact none at all.

He explained the exclusion zone only has voluntary status, as getting a by-law passed is too lengthy a process, and therefore asked people to think of others and heed signs (pictured right) that are up at the designated area.

Mr Blyth also revealed lifeguards on duty are informing dog walkers of the zone, even if they have to suffer an earful of abuse.

He continued: “Last week one of the lifeguards at Leven tried to explain it to a member of the public and was verbally assaulted.

“He got a tirade of abuse from the person so it is a very difficult situation but one in which we hope common sense will prevail.

“The exclusion zone only operates from July until the end of August so what we are doing is asking people not to go in these areas with their dogs at this time of year.”