Payback scheme aids park

Community payback offenders clearing up the woods at Dunnikier Park
Community payback offenders clearing up the woods at Dunnikier Park

WORK has been done to improve the pathways at Dunnikier Park, but another local resident remains angry at the state of more walkways there.

Henry Guthrie, (71), told the Press a fortnight ago that the lack of maintenance on the paths has made it difficult for him to navigate them on his mobility scooter.

Now though, the paths have been cleared as part of a community payback scheme.

Archie Melville, senior projects officer at criminal justice services for community payback projects, said: “The work undertaken at Dunnikier Woods was a pro-active response to the request and needs of the citizens of Kirkcaldy.

‘‘It clearly evidences the payback that offenders can contribute to our local communities.”

Despite these improvements, another local resident complained about the condition of another part of the vast park.

Tony Summerfield is unhappy at the ‘Johnny’s Loan’ section of the walkways around the park, opened 10 years ago with a millennium grant.

He said: “I used to often cycle round the back of the golf course, but I have given up because of the paths.

“It used to be refreshing to see families out enjoying the walk but its not like that anymore. Even if the path was just tidied up it would be nice.

“There used to be drainage here but it’s all blocked by the over-growth. It’s atrocious. There is lots of blockages.

“I’m fed up of moaning. I would just like to see these paths made walkable. A lot of money was spent on this when it was set up.”