Pedal power pays for father and son

Grant Jardine from Cupar and son Scott after completing their Vietnam to Cambodia sponsored cycle.
Grant Jardine from Cupar and son Scott after completing their Vietnam to Cambodia sponsored cycle.
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A CUPAR man whose wife became seriously ill during a charity bike ride in Vietnam last year, has completed the gruelling challenge and raised nearly £5000.

However, Grant Jardine’s cycle from Ho Chi Minh City to Angor Wat in Cambodia with son Scott (23) was not without drama!

Firstly, the pair had to run a gauntlet of two million mopeds as they made their way out of Ho Chi Minh City before cycling an average of 50 miles a day in temperatures of up to 42C.

Then, during a boat trip up the Mekong river, the boat lost its steering and they drifted for an hour and a half before they were rescued.

And, just when they thought boat problems were behind them, the vessel taking them across south east Asia’s biggest freshwater lake ran aground.


However, the transport problems were nothing compared to the situation Grant faced last year when undertaking the cycle with wife Julie, she succumbed to a hydration disorder in Can Tho City and ended up in a coma.

She recovered, but did not want to return to the scene of her illness and so their son Scott volunteered to complete the cycle for Enable Scotland.

Grant said: “The cycle was hard as the temperature and the relative humidity was higher than predicted.

“The top temperature was 42C and on day three we were caught in a tropical storm which lasted about half an hour, thoroughly soaking us although we soon dried out.

“There were also couple of mechanical breakdowns with the bikes and a couple of punctures but with the help of the support crew we were back on the road very quickly.”


He said that as they were travelling as part of a group, they had to stay together which slowed them down somewhat.

“We had seven days of cycling as well as the days travelling by boat,” he said.

“The scenery was amazing, but it was quite obvious levels of poverty were a lot higher in Cambodia than Vietnam.”

Grant added: “There was also some time to reflect at Can Tho City where Julie took ill last year and even though she said she didn’t want to do it, I think that by the time we set off she was almost wishing she was coming too.”

Thank everyone who sponsored him, Grant said he glad to have finally completed the challenge.

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