Pedal power to tackle parking issues

Primary 7 pupils have learned to stay safe while travelling to and from school.
Primary 7 pupils have learned to stay safe while travelling to and from school.

Dunnikier Primary School pupils are getting on their bikes to help tackle the parking issues around their school.

Primary seven pupils completed Bikeability training, gaining the skills needed to cycle safely to and from school.

The Council’s Transportation and Environment Service is working with Dunnikier Primary School to produce a School Travel Plan.

The plan aims to reduce parking around the school by encouraging walking and cycling to school.

Make your move Kirkcaldy’s Bike Officer, Greg Ashelby delivered the Bikeability training to ten pupils who completed their level one training.

On the last week of training a special ‘Bike Breakfast’ was held to celebrate their success.

Greg said: “It’s been great working with the school and I’m looking forward to continuing the good work we’ve started.

“The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in bikeability training.

“We hope to encourage parents to get involved delivering the training, as this will allow more pupils to take part.”

Ann Hatch, head teacher, added: “The pupils who participated were very proud of their newly acquired skills and of the badges and certificates they were awarded at assembly.

“Although our numbers were low, we feel it is a start to build on. We hope more pupils will take part after seeing the success of the first group.”

Cllr Neil Crooks, chair man of Kirkcaldy Area Committee said: “We want to do everything we can to increase pupil’s safety by promoting alternatives to bringing the car to the school gates.

“I understand the challenges faced by Dunnikier Primary School come from inconsiderate parking, by just a few people.

“I urge these people to consider the impact they’re having.”

Bikeability is the updated cycling proficiency training, but with a few improvements. It’s designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely on today’s roads. The Council’s Travel Planning team encourages all schools to take part in Bikeability.

To find out more about bikeability or to volunteer, please go to