Pensioner hits back at phone call scam

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A PENSIONER from Methil is warning the public to beware phone scams after being plagued in recent months.

Bob Stewart (70) from Hazel Dene is so fed up he is calling on the authorities to stamp them out.

“From April, I’ve been getting calls every week without fail from a ‘technical helpline’ claiming that my computer as been infected by a virus and they could solve it,” said the retired security officer.

“They’ve claimed to be everyone from Microsoft to Sky, but after five minutes I hang up on them.”

The bogus callers ask the householder to log on to a website which will infect the computer and extract cash from the owner.

Mr Stewart said: “Last Friday I got two phone calls in the one day from BT’s technical help department and I was getting quite uptight about it.

“But, for the first time, I managed to retrieve the sender’s number through dialling 1471.”

Armed with that information, Mr Stewart phoned BT which confirmed the number had come from India.

Mr Stewart was advised to simply hang up whenever a bogus call came in, but he thinks more can be done.

He said: “I don’t believe that’s the solution.

“Some poor sod is going to get it for ‘x’ amount of pounds.

“Just typing that phone number into Google shows the extent of this scam – Mrt Stewart thousands of people are getting targeted across the UK and even if only one per cent of those fall for it, those crooks must be quids in.

“This is a crime but those who get conned must be so embarrassed they are keeping it to themselves.”

Mr Stewart has reported the matter to both Fife Constabulary and Fife Trading Standards. He pledged: “I’m now going to to take it to my MSP and MP.”

Meanwhile, Fife Police are warning the public to be vigilant. Detective Inspector Stuart Morris, eCrime unit, said: “Computer scams such as this one are on the increase.

“If you receive any correspondance, whether by phone, email or letter that is inviting you to log onto a website to fix a virus or to pass on personal or bank details, don’t do it.

“Quite simply treat all enquiries over the internet or by phone the same way you would as somebody called at your door. ould you invite them into your house or buy it?

“Definitely not.”