Pensioner injured in Wemyss cliff fall

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AN injured pensioner struggled for an hour to raise the alarm for help after falling from a cliff.

The 74-year-old had fallen 2.5m on to rocks from an old pier between East Wemyss and West Wemyss last Wednesday, but was eventually rescued safely after managing to contact the emergency services.

Forth Coastguard received a call from the ambulance service requesting urgent assistance to help evacuate the injured man.

The lifeboat was already in the water at Fisherrow where it was taking part in a training exercise when Forth Coastguard got in touch with the volunteer crew.

Volunteer crew member Steven Wallace said, following the rescue: “It took nearly an hour for him to summon help. The casualty was put on to a spinal stretcher, and then transferred on to the lifeboat with a paramedic.

“We then took the man onboard the lifeboat to West Wemyss harbour where we were able to get him ashore to an awaiting ambulance.”

The injured man is understood to have suffered from serious leg injuries.