Pensioner’s car roof squashed by vandals

Mary Cairns and her damaged car.
Mary Cairns and her damaged car.
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A LEVEN pensioner’s car has been so badly damaged by vandals it could be off the road for weeks, waiting to have its roof replaced.

Mary Cairns (74) had parked her four-year-old Peugeot 206 in the car park of the Child Development Centre, near her home on Victoria Road, on the night of Saturday, October 6.

It wasn’t until the Sunday morning her husband Robert (81) discovered the roof of the car, which they had bought only a year ago, had almost been completely caved in.

It is thought someone, or a group of people, must have been jumping on top of it repeatedly during the night.

It’s estimated they caused £2000 worth of damage, and Mrs Cairns’ has been warned without the repairs her car could fold in on itself if it was involved in an accident - effectively becoming a deathtrap.

She told the Mail she was disgusted at whoever had done it, adding their five minutes of fun had caused £500 in insurance excess payments.

She said: “It’s so expensive that it’s hard to keep a car on the road in the first place and this has made me look at getting rid of it, but we need to have one.

“We use it to go to hospital appointments and just to get out the house.

“It’s a lot of money and we will just have to do without something else in order to pay for it.

“The car has less than 10,000 miles on the clock – we thought it would do us the rest of our lives.”

Mrs Cairns said the police came out on the Sunday morning and spoke to her neighbours. The owner of the nearby Good News shop also promised the couple he will look through his CCTV.

Mrs Cairns added: “The police said one of my neighbours saw a bunch of young people hanging about.

“The Good News shop also reported a big group of girls hanging about wanting drink.

“We have lived here for 21 years and nothing this bad has ever happened.

“It’s criminal damage.”