People urged to donate unwanted clothes to support new campaign

Bag it beat it campaign
Bag it beat it campaign

The average Scot holds on to three items of clothing which have never been worn and five items that no longer fit, according to a new survey.

Research carried out by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland shows that one in six people admit to holding on to more than ten items of clothing that no longer fit.

The move comes as the charity launches its Bag It. Beat It, stock donation campaign this month.

Over a third of Scots (38 per cent) admit the top three items they struggle to part with the most are shoes, jeans and tops, and on average each item they own is worn just 15 times.

Interestingly, nearly one in five (20 per cent) feel guilty about how much money they spend on clothes, with almost the same number (19 per cent) admitting to lying about their spending habits to those closest to them. Over one in ten (11 per cent) even admit their wardrobe spending habits have got them into debt.

As part of the Bag It. Beat It. campaign, BHF Scotland is encouraging people to beat the wardrobe bulge by clearing out the clutter and donating their unwanted stuff to BHF Scotland shops to help fund life saving heart research.

Almost half of Scots surveyed (49 per cent) said the idea of downsizing their wardrobe does appeal, with almost one in three people (31 per cent) admitting they actually don’t struggle to part with their clothing.

When probed about their current de-cluttering efforts though, the average person could only admit to having a clear out once a year.

Carole Mitchell, regional manager for BHF Scotland shops, said: “We all have items that we can’t bear to part with, but this survey reveals that many Scots are long overdue a clear out!

“Of course we don’t all have piles of unworn clothes in our wardrobes, but every little helps. By simply donating one item that you’ve never worn or that doesn’t fit to your local BHF Scotland shop, you’ll be making your wardrobe more manageable and helping to fund our life saving heart research.

“Every month, 1250 people in Scotland lose their lives to heart and circulatory disease, but with donations to our Bag It. Beat It. campaign during September, BHF Scotland will be able to fight harder to reduce this figure”.

Last September, over one million bags of unwanted items were donated to BHF shops across the UK as part of Bag It. Beat It.

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