Ambulance apology after head wound seizure patient ‘lay in road for 40 minutes’

The Scottish Ambulance Service are set to apologise to the man.
The Scottish Ambulance Service are set to apologise to the man.

The Scottish Ambulance Service is set to apologise for taking upto 40 minutes to arrive as a man with a head wound lay in the street having a seizure.

The incident on Tuesday night happened on the A955 between Buckhaven and East Wemyss at around 6.20pm.

It is understood that the ambulance arrived at around 7pm to treat the man, who was tended to by passers-by in the meantime.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We will be contacting the patient to apologise for the delay – we were experiencing a high call volume at the time and crews were dealing with other, more critically ill patients.”

A Fife Councillor was among those who stopped to help the man, and he, said some motorists just slowed down to take a look before driving off.

Colin Davidson came across the man lying in the road and got out of his car to call an ambulance and offer help.

He says the man had fallen unconscious in the road after the seizure, and he had a dog in distress on a leash which was still attached to his wrist.

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Colin, who represents Leven, Kennoway and Largo, said: “What was really annoying was the number of people that drove by the man before I stopped.

“There were three cars in front of me put the window down, had a look at the poor guy and drove off.

“I was 50 yards away, I could see a dog, and something in the road that I thought was maybe a deer, but as I got closer, even from 30 yards away I could see it was a man having a seizure.

“He was bleeding from the head, I think he was totally unconscious when he went down, and he’s come down with a real thump.

“He was on a bad bend, so I parked in front of him and put my hazards on.

“As I was trying to deal with him there were folk driving past. I’m making sure he’s alive, getting him into the recovery position, and I’m on the phone to the ambulance.”

However, several people did stop and offer help to the man.

“He was in seizure for a good ten minutes. Looking back it was quite traumatic, but at the time you just get on with it.”

Eventually the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to hospital, and police were later called to help with traffic management.

A police spokesperson said: “We were called at 6.50pm after reports of a man taken unwell on the A955 between Buckhaven and East Wemyss.

“Police attended and assisted with traffic management while the paramedics helped the man.”

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