Baby of the Week - Keagan Cassels

Keagan Allan Shaw Cassels.
Keagan Allan Shaw Cassels.

Meet our Baby of the Week Keagan Allan Shaw Cassels. He was born on March 21, 2019 at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy weighing 7lbs 6oz.

The parents...

Cheryl Aitken and Liam Cassels.

The name...

Cheryl and Liam had always spoke about baby names and every time Keagan has always stuck out. His middle name is his granddads and Shaw is passed down through generations on Liam’s side.

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What kind of baby is he...

Keagan is very content and he eats and sleeps very well. His two sisters Alisha and Ellie help in the house with him and love him to pieces.

The very proud grandparents...

Keagan’s proud grandparents are Allan and Yvonne Aitken and William and Julie Cassels.

Any thanks you’d like to give...

Cheryl and Liam would like to thank Cheryl’s best friend Sarah who was on standby throughout her pregnancy. Cheryl brought Alisha and Ellie to the hospital to meet their new brother an hour after he was born.