Baby of the Week - Kolby Torrance

Baby of the Week''Kolby Archie Torrance
Baby of the Week''Kolby Archie Torrance

Meet our Baby of the Week Kolby Archie Torrance who was born at Victoria Hospital on December 27, 2018 at 03.21 am and he weighed 7lbs 15oz.

The parents...

Kelsey Campbell and Kyle Torrance.

The pregnancy...

It was a great pregnancy with no issues except he was five days late.

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What kind of baby is he ...

He is a great baby, he’s so content and loves his food. He even sleeps all night.

How did you choose the name...

The couple decided on his name as they both liked it and it was the only one they could agree on.

The very proud grandparents...

Wendy Campbell and Alan Campbell and Lisa Hatton and Michael Dow.

Any thanks you’d like to give...

Mum and dad would like to say thanks to both sides of the family and their friends for everything they have done to help.