Big hearted Fife boy donates pocket money to community cafe

Aaron McAllister
Aaron McAllister

A young boy from Kirkcaldy is helping others by donating his pocket money to people who are less fortunate.

Aaron McAllister (6) gave £3 that he earned for helping his mum do chores around the house to Linton Lane Centre in the town.

He also didn’t want a birthday party, but instead asked if he could help serve food to people who visit the community cafe at the centre.

Christelle McAllister, Aaron’s mum, spoke of how proud she was of her son – and how he got the idea to donate his pocket money.

She said: “Aaron saw a homeless man sitting outside Aldi.

“He became friends with him, and wanted to do something nice for him his birthday.

“When we went to the shop, he wasn’t there. Aaron was really upset as he had his heart set on helping, so I started phoning around and the Salvation Army put me in contact with Linton Lane .

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“They said Aaron could come along to meet the people who attend the cafe ,and, if he wanted to help serve meals, he would be able to do so.

“Aaron can be a little bit shy with large groups of people, but he was serving people sandwiches and cups of juice.

“As a mum, I really hope that this will have a profound effect on his life, that he will never look at less fortunate people and think that they are less important than us.

“I am very proud of him, what he has done is amazing.”

Aaron, who has a passion for animals and creepy-crawlies also loves helping people.

He said: “I see people sitting in the street and it is very uncomfortable.

“They have to wait and wait until people give them enough money to get food.

“It is very cold in the winter and it is freezing, when I get my pocket money I give it to them so they can buy their own food.”

Mandy Henderson, centre manager at the Linton Lane Centre commended Aaron on his selflessness.

She said: “Aaron came along as he had asked his mum instead of birthday presents he would like to come and help serve a meal for people in the community.

“On the day, he brought his pocket money he had earned from doing jobs at home and was very polite when serving people with their drinks.

“When he was introduced to the people attending the Community Cafe everyone was very impressed with his kindness

“Aaron is a remarkable wee boy to be thinking of others like this.”