Call for greyhound racing ban over cocaine claims

It is claimed that some greyhounds were found with cocaine in their system.
It is claimed that some greyhounds were found with cocaine in their system.

A Fife politician is calling for a ban on greyhound racing, claiming that some dogs are being given cocaine.

Mid Scotland and Fife Green MSP Mark Ruskell backed the call from Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation’s petition which has attracted more than 11,000 signatures.

Scotland is home to two greyhound tracks – Shawfield in Glasgow which is regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) and Thornton near Kirkcaldy which is unregulated.

There have been several reports of dogs being mistreated recently, including one racing animal which was found to have significant amounts of cocaine in its system.

Despite its animal welfare code, there have been several reports of mistreatment of dogs at GBGB regulated tracks, but the Greens say the Thornton course mostly lacks any regulatory oversight.

Mark Ruskell said: “Greyhounds have been mistreated and abused for as long as they’ve been used as racing animals.

“The fact that a dog was found to have cocaine in its system is clearly a damning indictment on the industry and a clear sign that regulations aren’t working.

“The incidents we know about are alarming enough but the fact that a track can operate in Fife with virtually without any kind of oversight is deeply alarming.

“If the racing industry can’t get its house in order, then the Scottish Government must step in and end this legitimised abuse of dogs once and for all.”

Attempts were made to contact the owner of Thornton Greyhound track.

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