Community rowing club in Burntisland seeks new members

The club's members have already started work on the skiff
The club's members have already started work on the skiff

A new community rowing club in Burntisland is inviting locals to come on board and help members float their boat this year.

One year after it was first set up, the Black Rocks Rowing Club (BRRC) is now a fully established community rowing club.

They’ve come far in the last 12 months, but there’s still a way to go to build the skiff and get it out on the water.

And now they are inviting others to join them and get involved in the club.

Yvonne Georgeson, secretary of BRRC, said: “This time last year a group of people met in a local Burntisland café to register their interests and enthusiasm in becoming involved in establishing a Burntisland rowing club.

“Since those early days a lot of work has been undertaken across a number of fronts and the BRRC is now a fully established Burntisland community rowing club.

“With not a Club or skiff/boat in sight in January 2019, we have had a very productive 12 months.

“We have a fully fledged committee and office bearers along with the appropriate club documentation.

“We have had a successful fundraising year and have secured enough funds to buy the materials and skiff kit.”

Yvonne said the club is working closely with other groups in the town, including the primary school which is developing a logo for the club; Burntisland Community Council and Burntisland Sailing Club who have been very supportive.

She added: “The club has now started to build the skiff on a site kindly loaned by a Burntisland resident.

“So the dream of a Burntisland rowing club boat is becoming a reality.

“If you are interested in joining the Black Rocks Rowing Club, you would be very welcome to enjoy the club, help build the boat and row it.”

The club has a Facebook page and members meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at Burntisland Sailing Club down at the harbour.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the rowing club and have a chat over a glass of wine is welcome to attend the group’s wine tasting and quiz night, which is being held at Burntisland Bowling Club on Saturday, February 1. Tickets are £15 per person.