Cottage Centre Christmas Appeal: Thousands of Fife families receive festive food and gift parcels

Families around Kirkcaldy district will not go without this Christmas thanks to the monumental generosity of individuals, businesses, volunteers and staff at a Kirkcaldy charity.

The Cottage Centre’s Christmas Appeal delivery day took place on Friday with thousands of families across the Kingdom supported by the charity.

This year’s appeal was dubbed the most challenging ever by centre manager Pauline Buchan. The charity raised £45,000 in 45 days to ensure that families in Fife did not go without – and an army of volunteers, including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown – patron of the charity – joined in the big effort to get everything handed over.

Pauline said that it was touch and go at points whether the charity would hit its target, particularly important given the appeals £38,000 food bill.

She explained: “For the first three weeks of this appeal, I honestly did not think we were going to make that money. Because everybody is struggling in some way, shape, or form. So we were totally up against it.”

The delivery day saw teams working around the clock to ensure the distribution of 10-day food parcels, utilities and gifts for families.

Things kicked off at 8.30am with the first parcels going out soon after, and the final deliveries were made just after 3.00pm.

Volunteers from around Fife came together to load and drive vans across the Kingdom to families in need. With deliveries underway, Pauline was keen to pay tribute to those who made the day possible.

She said: “As you can see from today they have brought it home, they have absolutely smashed it. It's just been incredible, that's the only word I can use is incredible. What they've pulled off, and they do it year after year.”

Pauline said that the day should demonstrate that those in need are not alone this Christmas, with support coming from those volunteering with the Cottage.

She explained: “It shows the people who don't have, that actually somebody cares and is bothered about them.

“A lot of those in need think that they are on their own, and a lot of them are on their own, they don’t have the family support - that’s the worst part of this. They don’t have someone to fall back on, but they brought it home, absolutely well done to them.”