Family plea to end slug infestation horror in their home

The slugs are getting in somehow.
The slugs are getting in somehow.

A Kirkcaldy family are at their wits’ end after a three-year infestation of slugs has plagued their home.

The Smith family, have had to endure slugs slithering up and down the walls of their Hayfield Road house, and have even found trails in kitchen cupboards.

Repeated pleas to Fife Council for help have left the problem unsolved.

Annemarie Smith says all attempts to keep the slugs out have failed, with one contractor being hired to look for dampness and drawing a blank.

On one morning, she awoke to find a slug on the bedroom wall just inches above her husband Jason’s head.

“It was disgusting,” she said. “It was coming down the wall and I told him’ whatever you do, don’t turn around’. He got up and saw it and was almost sick.

Jason and Annemarie Smith.

Jason and Annemarie Smith.

“Since we first moved in three and a half years ago, every morning we find trails everywhere – on the couches, on my son’s school shoes, in the kitchen. That’s where it’s worst.

“It’s like living in a horror story. It’s gone on too long.

“We’ve tried loads of salt, but they still get in.”

Annemarie said they had gone round in circles with the council.

“We shouldn’t have to live like this, I’ve been to the council many-a-time. They keep getting pest control – and pest control are sick of telling us that they don’t deal with slugs.

“We’ve had joiners make a hatch in the livingroom and kitchen floors, and they’ve gone underneath –the house is literally glittering under there, but they still can’t find out what’s attracting them.

“We’ve had to throw food out because they’ve been in the cupboards. We’re just wasting money.”

“We were getting them in the dish rack,” said Jason.

“We’re constantly cleaning. We have to clean dishes again before we use them.”

Joan Lamie, Fife Council housing manager for Kirkcaldy, said: “I can only apologise that previous investigations have not led to any successful actions.

“As slug trails were identified under the kitchen floorboards, we are arranging for a pest controller to visit the property this week to spray the solum, which is the surface underneath the flooring. Officers will also visit to check air vents as well as the seal on the external drain.

“Hopefully this will improve the situation for our tenants.”