Fife boy shaves head to raise funds for Help for Heroes

The young son of a former Army serviceman has braved the shave after being inspired by his dad’s battle with major back problems.

Jack Horner was rushed to hospital ahead of Christmas 2019, and was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, when nerve roots in the back are compressed and disrupt motor and sensory function, which can lead to permanent paralysis.

Surgery was a success, but Covid-19 meant the recuperation process took much longer than usual – rehabilitation was postponed numerous times because of the crisis.

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It was at this time, when planning to visit a barber, that 10-year-old Jay announced he wanted to shave off his hair for Help for Heroes.

“He’s precious about his hair,” said mum, Susan. “He styles it every day. Me and Jack laughed it off. He’s not the type of boy who would shave off his hair.”

Despite the reservations of his parents, Jay persisted with his plan and even wrote a letter to Help for Heroes asking for their permission to get his head shaved for charity.

Susan helped promote the fundraiser and the donations soon started flooding in. Jay had originally set himself the modest target of £60 – it did not take long for that to be smashed. In the end, £500 has been raised for the charity.

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On his 10th birthday, Jay cut off his ponytail and his dad shaved the rest of his head.

“We never thought he’d do it – but he did,” said Susan.

“It’s heartwarming. It came from a sad place, but he knew he could make a difference.

“I’m very proud of him.”