Fife cat sanctuary bids to find new home for sisters

Misty and Molly need a new home.
Misty and Molly need a new home.

A north east Fife rescue centre is appealing for a home for an affectionate pair of cats in its care.

Misty and Molly, 15-year-old neutered sisters, are residents at Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary – a rescue centre near Newburgh that ­rescues and rehomes cats and kittens.

According to Whinnybank, the siblings’ previous owner died, leading them to end up in rescue. The sisters have always been together and, despite their age, are quite an agile pair, but also enjoy the customary cat snooze.

Molly enjoys being petted, receiving cuddles and playing with a ping pong ball, while Misty, though preferring to be petted for a short time on her head, loves nuzzling into human hands, is chatty and waves her paw at you when she wants attention in quite the regal fashion.

A quiet home with no dogs or young children – and both indoor comforts as well as a quiet garden to potter about and sunbathe in – would be ideal.

They have also recently had dental work, so shouldn’t need anything further in the near future.

Sue Hancock, owner of Whinnybank, said: “Most rescues in this area do not accept elderly cats, so Whinnybank usually ends up with them. Misty and Molly have been with us for months, and keep being overlooked.”

The rescue centre has also stated it will help with future vet bills if Misty and Molly are treated by its vet in Newburgh.

Cat Chat, a national online cat rescue resource, is featuring Misty and Molly on the ‘Overlooked Cats’ section of its website, in a bid to help them find the home they need.