Fife Festival of Music looks to 2022 with renewed optimism

Fife festival of Music looks towards 2022 with renewed optimismFife festival of Music looks towards 2022 with renewed optimism
Fife festival of Music looks towards 2022 with renewed optimism
The 41st AGM of Fife Festival of Music took place via the digital platform Zoom.

Chairman Graeme Wilson’s report on the year since August 2020 initially focussed on the absence of music making both at festival level and on a wider level.

With the cancellation of the January/February event, there has been a great dearth of live music.

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He said: “I concluded my 2019/2020 report by saying: "We may need to wait a little longer than usual for the 41st to take place. When it does, it will be with renewed vigour and strength and a determination to aim towards another 40 years”.

“The period since then has presented many challenges to many people and their lives, to organisations and to the very structure and upholding of society as we knew it.

"It is pleasing to report that while we look back at that with shock and disbelief, we also look forward to the return of semi-normality in the field of music making.

"Nothing should or can be taken for granted however, and any planning which the Festival has done is with an ever watchful eye on infections, rules, good practice, risk assessment - and many other scary matters.

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“Since August 2020, FFoM has not been idle, plotting its return for 2022. Along with the many plans in place, there is the need to look out for the googlies which may be bowled along the pitch and hit our stumps. The absence of the Adam Smith Theatre for 2022 and 2023 brings the need for fresh consideration of certain operational matters. I am confident that we will survive.

“Recent decisions and plans include free participant entry for 2022, an online entry system both simplifying and streamlining admin work, the reintroduction of some instrumental classes at Introductory level, the finalisation of Duty of Care and Risk Assessment documentation - that short summary disguising a vast amount of work being undertaken.”

The treasurer’s financial report was, understandably, shorter than usual, but brought forward a healthy picture of the Festival’s resources as it heads towards 2022.

The immediate future for and activities of Fife Festival of Music will be determined by the state and the health of the nation as it navigates the challenges of Covid-19.

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