Fife flats blighted by fly-tipping and vandalism

Owners of flats in a block in Glenrothes could be hit with bills if Fife Council ends up having to clear fly-tipping and other mess from outside their properties.

By Kevin McRoberts
Friday, 20th May 2022, 9:25 am

Residents in Waverley Court have complained to the local authority following the dumping of rubbish outside the flats. Communal areas have also been damaged and defaced – and despite the efforts of a few community-minded tenants to clear up the area, problems have persisted for several weeks.

Many of the flats are private lets, and there is growing concern and resentment that landlords are failing to take responsibility for the actions of some their tenants.

A family member of a young tenant who moved into a flat at Waverley Court recently told the Gazette that the block is seriously run down, and has massive problems with pests and fly-tipping on the doorsteps of the flats and in the surrounding area.

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The dumped rubbish around the flats in Waverley Court included a child's buggy.

She said: “There has previously been the likes of blood-stained mattresses, needles, broken glass, faeces and rats. In the communal area, there are broken lights on the stairs, and what looks like blood and spray paint up the walls.

“I’ve been down with a few friends to try to put the mess right, but without change my fear is this will continue to happen as that’s five or six time I’ve cleaned up the area and removed harmful items.”

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She said her sister adored her flat and was happy to have a place to call home, and that she’d put a lot of effort into decorating the place; but that it was scary people had to live with such a mess on their doorstep.

An old fridge freezer and shopping trolley have been dumped amongst other rubbish outside the flats.

She added: “The main issue seems to be the flats are all privately owned/rented and the landlords are either hard to contact or simply don’t care. I’ve reported the problems to the Council’s safer communities team and the local MSP, but realistically, I don’t know what they can do?

“All I want is to know my sister will be safe and comfortable in her new home.”

Safer Communities Service Manager Dawn Jamieson said: "We're aware of the issue at Waverley Court and we’ve raised it with the landlords there as most of the flats are privately owned. Ultimately if no one takes responsibility for the mess we will arrange to have it cleared and recharge landlords for the cost of this.

"There's no excuse for fly-tipping, which is a blatant disregard of the law and of our outdoor environment. No one wants to see rubbish dumped, and it has a direct impact on the condition of our roads, parks, wildlife and communities.

Broken glass is left lying amongst the other debris.

"Our recycling centres are open, and we would urge people to make use of these facilities and dispose of recyclable waste responsibly. Please also check that anyone you ask to take your waste away is properly registered to do so. Businesses have a legal duty to dispose of their waste responsibly.

"We're grateful to the people for reporting fly-tipping and urge them to keep doing so using our online form at”