Fife man saves abandoned dog and gives him new home

Buttons with Jamie Howie.
Buttons with Jamie Howie.

An abandoned dog has found a new home in Cupar after he was discovered at the side of a busy road.

Two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Buttons, was found exiting a field on the side of a road in Cupar. He was taken into the care of Dogs Trust in Glasgow, before going home with the person who saved his life.

Jamie Howie had been driving home from work when he noticed something moving in the long grass at the side of a field, so he pulled over to investigate. When he realised it was a dog, Jamie tried to entice it over to him, however the dog seemed very timid at first.

“I had to be patient because he would only come so near to me and then run off again but gradually, he got closer. And 45 minutes later he was confident enough and jumped straight into the seat of my car,” said Jamie.

Jamie took Buttons to nearby properties to find out if he belonged to anyone.

After a vet had checked Buttons over, he spent a week in a local pound but was never reclaimed by his owner.

Jamie said: “I travelled an hour-and-a-half to visit him and expressed interest in giving him a home.”

He added: “Once the team had done a home visit to make sure my house was suitable; it wasn’t long before he was heading back to Cupar with me.”