Glazert Water features in Lennoxtown filmakers' BBC Scotland travel show

Lennoxtown filmmakers are fronting their own TV show this week.
Andrew O’Donnell and Mark Taylor on their travels in Roaming in the WildAndrew O’Donnell and Mark Taylor on their travels in Roaming in the Wild
Andrew O’Donnell and Mark Taylor on their travels in Roaming in the Wild

And are starting their journey close to home.

Wildlife filmmaker Andrew O’Donnell and his pal Mark Taylor’s TV adventures in the wilds of Scotland is returning for second series.

Roaming in the Wild is due to start a six-week run on the BBC Scotland channel on Thursday September 23 at 8pm.

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And they are beginning their travels with a focus on the home area, with a trip down the river Glazert near Lennoxtown, onto the Kelvin in Glasgow and then meeting up with the Clyde. A first series of the show grew out of short online pieces Andrew made for BBC Scotland’s The Social.

The series was welcomed by viewers who enjoyed its relaxing pace and the genuine and easy friendship between Mark and Andrew. And its offbeat take on going offgrid and simply enjoying the experience, walking, camping and canoeing.

The first three-part series featured Andrew and Mark’s travels across Rannoch Moor, Lochaber and across the north of Scotland from John O’Groats to Cape Wrath.

For the second series, the run has doubled and the two friends will be taking an amble across the country, camping and walking and canoeing but all at a leisurely pace.

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Aside from their first episode, which is a bit more of an urban foray, their travels in this new series will include the Borders, Assynt, Cairngorms, Loch Shiel, and Loch Ness.

Head of BBC Scotland Multiplatform Productions Anthony Browne said: “Roaming in the Wild has been a great story for BBC Scotland. Since 2016, Andrew has been a regular on BBC The Social creating some off-beat natural history stories which have really connected with our audiences. It’s brilliant to see how we’ve been able to develop and work with Andrew and Mark to produce this beautiful series for the BBC Scotland channel. Andrew does a huge amount of work on the series, from filming to soundtrack and his love of nature comes through in every episode, I never fail to have a smile on my face when I watch them in action.”

Roaming in the Wild is largely filmed, produced and edited by the duo, with Andrew also providing the music as Beluga Lagoon.

Andrew (30), who now lives in nearby Fintry, said : “We both grew up in Lennoxtown, by the Campsie hills. Mark and me met at our baby sitters when we were kids and then later, just by coincidence, went on to work in the same country house hotel.

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“Mark now helps me run a wildlife production company. Our adventures started when we were filming wildlife and were forced to live in remote locations whilst trying to film our subjects.”

Mark (35), who still lives in Lennoxtown, added: “Roaming in the Wild has been the perfect excuse to get out and about in amongst some of the wonderous and distinctive landscapes this country has to offer.

“By attempting to navigate across these environments through ever changing ways and means leaves you with a unique experience and perspective each time.

“And it’s good for your head. You can’t be weighed down by the regular trivialities of life when all the superficial distractions are taken away and all you’re concerned about is the blisters on your hands and what’s for dinner.”

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Mark and Andrew have already been dubbed the new ‘Mortimer and Whitehouse’ – whose Gone Fishing series has become a major hit with viewers looking a step back from life’s troubles – and the ‘Jack and Victor of the adventuring world’ for their banter.

Added Mark: “To be able to take on these adventures with your pal, an experienced outdoorsman like Andrew, who’s always got your back and keeps this enthusiastic amateur right is the bonus any would be wanderer craves.”

Roaming in the Wild starts on the BBC Scotland channel on Thursday September 23 at 8pm.