Huge Bank Holiday crowds create traffic ‘mayhem’ in Aberdour

Silver Sands, stock image (Pic: TSPL)
Silver Sands, stock image (Pic: TSPL)

An Easter Bank Holiday heatwave saw huge numbers descend on Aberdour, prompting police to tweet the gridlock was “mayhem.”

The Silver Sands beach was a huge draw for the crowds, on the holiday Monday despite Fife pupils going back to school after their two-week break.

Cars created gridlock in and out of Aberdour, and some bus services were delayed or cancelled –one commuter tweeted to say his normal nine-minute journey from Rosyth took almost half an hour.

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South West Fife Police took to social media to alert people to the congestion.

“Sunshine has caused the majority of Fife to travel to Aberdour beach area which has now caused traffic mayhem.... Avoid routes in that area if possible or you could face a very long delay to your journey,” it said.